5 06 2010

So lately I’ve felt very very drawn to Hekate….I’ve made a rosary specifically for her, and have spent a lot of time researching what I can! It all started when I took part in the Sacred Fire of Hekate Rite on 5/27/10. It was very powerful and she has wiggled her way into my life ever since! I guess I have a thing about Triple Goddesses since Brighid is also a part of my life.

I had an idea last night, but I’m nervous to bring it up to people. I want to create a book (ebook or whatever)  of prayers, devotions, hymns, poems, etc., to Hekate. I know SEVERAL wonderful writers within the Pagan community and feel like I could approach them but am nervous to do so. I’ve asked a dear friend of mine already, Becca, to write and will be asking others shortly. Maybe it can be published on lulu.com? I don’t know how that all works but its an idea for now!

Goddess of the Crossroads, guide me on my path and illuminate my way. Oh Great Hekate, in Your Name, Blessed Be!

I found this image on a facebook group and really liked it, so I’m sharing! =)




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